Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Closer to Heaven...

The final countdown to Wool Festival is 10 days...and in only a week from tomorrow, Handspun Heaven class #1 takes place.  For those of you who have politely signed up without having seen an actual class sample, feast your eyes:Handspun_heaven_finished_front

Handspun_heaven_finished_back_view and please give a hand to the reluctant model, Ingrid, who has just written me an e-mail threatening me if I post her picture here.  I think she looks great.

Once again, Terri Ranck has blown our socks off with her intuitive design process. I am so envious of her knitting friends who get to share her energy on a weekly basis...and am actively trying to figure out how to capture her and move her to Taos...   :0)

Both Handspun Heaven classes are filled for next week, but Terri will be teaching it again, either this winter or next spring...we will let you know when we pick a date.  The handspinners will need lots of time to replenish the stash for the next class...each one of a kind skein has lots of time invested in it.

And speaking of handspinners...I am proud to announce we are nurturing a new one in our midst...Bernadette (aka Bennie)...who has just joined our staff (another round of applause, please).  A relatively new knitter, Bennie's many artistic talents are evident in her self-taught, creative knitting pieces, and we can only guess that the best is yet to come.  She took a beginning spinning class a mere month ago (with Sunflower Lisa) and is already making awesome please welcome her, when you stop in next, and look for her postings here on our blog soon.  ---Martie

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