Sunday, January 13, 2008

Resolutions for a new year

If I've learned little else in this lifetime, it's that I'm predictably horrid at sticking to those pesky resolutions we make while we're basking in the glow and possibility of a new year ahead.

Last year, my one meager resolution was to keep my corner of the kitchen table free of piles of papers, magazines, knitting needles, earrings, too many pens and whatever else I seem to be able to accumulate in the blink of an eye.  I did pretty well...I only caved in and starting making piles late in the fall.  I must also tell you that Mr. Sunflower, who is a five star neat freak, didn't even notice until I asked him if he'd noticed.  (Of course, he said he'd noticed but just hadn't mentioned it.  Heartbreaking, it was.  I was expecting a small celebration of some sort, and maybe some pats on the back.) 

Without saying it out loud or putting it in print, I resolved to blog more often this year.  Clearly that resolution has started to fall be suspect.  I promise to pick it up.  I intended to take photographs of my current project (which I am passionate about) and post those tonight, but I have a good excuse...really I do. 

I cleaned my studio today.
  This may not seem to be of much interest to anyone but yours truly, but I'm here to tell you that this is one of those urges that only come once in a blue moon.  Or maybe it's the new year?  Not sure.  Not being able to walk on the floor without jumping over bags of fibers might have finally been the deal breaker to get me in motion...but whatever it was, I'm grateful.  I cleaned like a mad woman.  I took all those projects I know I'll never finish and tore them apart, rewinding the yarns and putting them back on the shelf.  I put away my canvases and oil paints I haven't touched in two years.  I shelved the books that have been living in piles on the floor for a year or more.  I even got rid of old knitting magazines (yes, I know this is a crime of some sort...but I promise they'll end up in someone else's hands).  For the crescendo, I even (ta da!) vacuumed (I despise vacuuming).  I have not been able to do that in a long time because, well...because you couldn't see much of the floor, so why bother?  *Sigh*

So if you're outside tonight and see a glow in the sky over New Mexico way, no, it's not Los's my halo.   ---Martie


Kay said...

Oh my Gawd! The halo is blinding me even over here in Texas. It's only clouded by the dust from the dreaded vacuum. Hoo Ha for you.

Mandie said...

There must be something in the air Martie...I've been cleaning like a woman possessed in my Wool Room as well...and gulp...I even vacuumed...cos I could see the floor again and it needed to be vacuumed!! YAY for us!
I can't recall if I've passed on my sympathies on the passing of your MIL...if I haven't please forgive me...and if I have please forgive me for repeating myself. Please give Mr Sunflower a special hug.
Talk soon xoxo

Martie said...

Mandie: It must be contagious! Yowzaa! What's next? Dusting? Scary! Talk soon, XOXO Martie

Teresa said...

Can't wait to see photos of your current project that has you so passionate!
You have peaked our interest!

Martie said...

I'll try to get a photo today...if it's not snowing too much...promise!

Kristin said...

Thanks for the gentle push...with 3 days off just ahead of me my intention was to clean up things a bit...I shall get out the vacuum and clean more deeply in the studio. Me thinks the halo hit me when I awoke at 5 today....

Martie said...

Do it! It's so cool! I go up there and can't believe it's my even if it doesn't stay so pristine for long, it sure feels great now. Treat yourself!