Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back in the saddle

I am coming out of my vacation hibernation.  It was glorious.  Knitting total for the two weeks:  five shawls.  Soon as I block them, they'll be in the shop for sale.  Not sure about putting them on the web store.  Any suggestions?

While I was in CA, my son and I Caryandi
celebrated our birthdays with an afternoon cruise of San Diego harbor.  He has a sport fishing business, Success Sportfishing, and this was a rare opportunity for me to get on board during off season and pretend like I live like that every day (sigh).  It was fun beyond words.  I got to fish, for the first time in too many years to count, but our little captives were all released back to their world because they were too small (or undesirable for eating).  No worries.  I had a fish sandwich at the dock afterward.

My friend Barbara Bgfish
(the one who gets me into trouble, causing me to buy fabric and sewing machines) was with us.  She, who comes from Irish families from the coast of Connemara, had never fished.  Here she is with her first catch.  It was too funny for words. 

Then, when we got back to the dock, this sea lion Sealion
poked his face up to slurp up whatever bait was being flushed out of the bait tanks.  I was so delighted, I could barely stand it.  By this time in my vacation, I was missing my dogs and cats so much, just about anything was looking lovable and in need of pets.  I was down on my knees on the dock recording this fun moment when suddenly he looked a little more interested in me than the bait...and my son got me out of there before I had more company than I was really looking for.

What's next?  It looks like we'll be able to get to the dye pots this week.  FINALLY!  I was thrilled to come home to find warmer days and no mud...and the snow is almost gone.  Sorry to be such a lousy blogger lately...but I'm back to reality and ready to roll!   ---Martie


HollyEQQ said...

Um, ok, so the words Sea LION didn't tip you off? hehheeh! He would have taken one bite and realized you weren't meaty enough to bother with! The bad news is that they like to eat in the water so you would have been basically a wet, slightly nibbled, sea lion reject. What a visual. :)
And HELLO son! What a hottie. And tall. And hot. Is he married????
I am so glad you are back and I can't wait to see what your dye pots spit out this spring! I have those beautiful locks laying next to my wheel just waiting for it to fire up. They are such a beautiful color - I can't wait.
I am so excited for you!
Oh and I finally got big jugs of dyes fixed up so no more worrying!
Finally, remember, sometimes we all need to shut down and hibernate until we come back with a personality! Looks like you found yours. We are just glad you are back.
No more kissin' random wildlife for you - the cats and dogs are probably tired of all the attention already. :)

Bennie said...

Hey Martifor....You look great and happy....So is your son like Roger tall?? Love, B