Friday, May 23, 2008

The privilege of nature

This morning brought me a first class seat into the daily struggle to survive in our forest.  Sitting here at the table, with my back to the window, I heard a loud crash.  Grosbeak
Upon closer inspection, I could see an Evening Grosbeak had crashed into the window and was lying in the flower bed, in obvious distress. I was weighing the options to either let nature take its course or go outside and set it somewhere safer in hopes it would recover when I noticed a Red Tailed Hawk Hawk
sitting on a rock about 10 feet away.  I knew then that as hard as it would be for me, I had to stay out of the picture.

The hawk watched me, and no doubt also saw Maynard, our cat, watching him through the French doors.  I stepped back, out of his view, but  positioned so I could see the Grosbeak in the flower bed.  Within seconds, like a flash, the hawk swooped in and took the Grosbeak.  I watched him fly off into the forest with his catch.  It was stunning. 

I am so fortunate to be able to be the observer.


Monte said...

You are fortunate indeed! And I feel fortunate as well to be up there working with you in such a magnificant setting. I also think it is fortunate to be reminded occasionally that we don't have all the control, especially where nature is concerned.

Kay said...

Awesome moment captured by your camera. You are getting really professional.

Martie said...

oh oh...those were file photos just to illustrate who I was talking about. Sorry, I should have said so in the posting!!! I'm not swift enough to pull off something like that! :0)

RuthieJ said...

Oh Martie, that's a tough one, but I think you made the right decision too. If you hadn't been home, nature would have taken its course and you wouldn't have know any different. But since you were there you got to experience the whole drama and share it with us.

Martie said...

Good point on what if I hadn't been was both difficult and fascinating at the same time.