Thursday, July 8, 2010


If you have any sort of fiber habit, you know what stash is. It's what happens when we're not looking...yarns, fabrics, and works in process seemingly multiply at night, and fill up our closets, drawers, and the ubiquitous plastic containers. It's what we do; we can't help ourselves.

This past weekend I was sorting through my quilting fabrics. I have now moved most of them here from NM. I found a stack of country prints I never used, things that haven't been available for years, probably. Pieces of yardage with replicas of feedsacks printed on them, panels to be framed in a quilt or made into pillows, and yardage with pictures of farms and cows happily grazing. They're pretty cool. I am, however, having to face the facts: I probably need to start letting go of all this fabric, and these are the first to go. If you have any interest, please let me know, or refer a friend to me if you'd like. I hope to be photographing them and listing them on Etsy this month, as time allows, but would rather sell them privately in one or two!

I'm still hand quilting the double wedding ring quilt. I got a bit side tracked when a new spinning wheel came to live with me, but am back on track now. I'm about half done. What's up after that? Not sure, but I found these antique Dresden plate blocks that need to be put into a top and hand quilted...


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey how can I thank you enough for leaving me such sweet encouraging comments. I think of you often wondering what kind of art you are creating and how you are doing. So when I hear from you it is a special treat in my day.
I finally found my Big Girl Panties and decided if my test show up bad then theres only one thing to do and that is to bring Ms Pearl out for the fight.
I can not believe my friend you have a new spinning wheel. Also that you found all that new fabric.
You know you are my idol. I would love to spend a day following you around.
You are more than welcome to put your new found treasure on my site and see if anyone is interested. There are a lot of creative women that stop by and say hello.
I have been wanting to do a Temptation Monday again so we could put it on there. I have found some of my Mola's that I need to do something with or sale.
Love you sweetie

dyedreams said...

I'm curious about that new spinning wheel. Care to share some details?

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Hi Martie,
"It's what we do, we can't help ourselves". Perfect description! What a good use of this time in CA. Hope to breath new life into some old pieces around here in the months to come. Between fabrics, yarns, spinning wheel, sewing machine, ect, I'm picturing a U-haul in your future, for the return trip.