Monday, November 15, 2010

Wrapping up

It has been a very busy week since I last wrote. I've been trying to balance the business of getting ready to return to New Mexico with spending time with my family. I'm trying to focus on all the goodness and not on the fact that I won't get to see my grand babies again until January or February. I have jokingly said I have postpartum depression. I continually remind myself that I must look forward, not back.

I fully intended not to take any quilting back to NM with me, and leave that for my California visits, but I am starting to cave in on this decision. I have a blue and white quilt I am taking home to hand quilt, and since we're driving over in our truck, I will be able to take the enormous roll of batting and the quilt tops I need to put onto backs and finish. I have done a tally of my quilting accomplishments for this past six months, and I'm pretty pleased:

  • 3 baby quilts
  • the sea life quilt for my grandson's bed
  • the Batik quilt for my kids
  • four donation quilt tops for the Bumble Beans Basics Quilt project
  • I machine quilted a top made in 1992 to its backing and took it to its new home
  • I finished hand quilting a log cabin quilt I put to backing in 1992, before moving to NM
  • I am almost finished hand quilting the double wedding ring quilt I showed you at the beginning of the summer
  • my scrap squares quilt top is assembled and ready for its backing and quilting (I am undecided if I will hand quilt it or not).
As much as I adore buying fabric, I'm going to try to put a brake on it until I return next time. I still have a big box of 30's reproduction fabrics I intended to use this summer, but never touched. (That was before I discovered all the gorgeous Westminster fabrics. Oh my.)

I've not been the only one busy around here. There is some spider I have yet to see that is happily setting up camp all over my big euphorbia plant in the front yard. It's a web unlike any I've seen goes in little strips, and reminds me of the edging one gets from using a serger. Maybe I should remember this for a good machine quilting pattern; nothing like inspiration from nature!

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