Thursday, August 25, 2011

Staying busy

The days are, as always, just flying.  I'm working on some projects I can't share with you, because they are or will be gifts; some quilting, some embroidery.  I have only spent an hour or so rug hooking since I arrived, and soon I'll be packing up my cutter and shipping it back to NM.

After I left here for NM back in 1993, some changes happened in my neighborhood.  A commuter rail station and a bus transfer station were installed one block over, just up from the coast highway.  At the time, the meetings the residents were invited to got quite contentious, and I must say that few of us were on board for the project.  It turned out, however, to be a wonderful thing, and really didn't disrupt our neighborhood anymore than the increasing automobile traffic has.

Sunday afternoon, I treated my grandson and myself to a train trip to downtown San Diego.  I thought we'd walk around the harbor and visit the ship that was used for some of the filming for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (The Star of India).  However, once we got down there and my grandson discovered his favorite sea food restaurant had a presence down there, the tall ship lost precedence to a kettle of steamed clams and mussels.  He has been eating them since he was a little baby; it always floors the wait staff when he orders them.  I just love it, to see someone so young find so much joy in an unusual meal.

PS:  Don't ask me why I am including the photo of the old lamp post.  I just liked it.


Orange Sink said...

That's amazing your Grandson likes the clams and mussels! I don't think you'd find a kid in these parts who would touch them! LOL!
Love the lamp post too!
Cathy G

Kim said...

That story is so cute. It is a bit unusual for a young person, unless they were raised by the sea. It was always a treat as a little kid to all go down to the beach and dig our own clams and then "help" the adults steam them. But I noticed when we had company with children "city folks" they wouldn't touch them.
And I love the lamp post too.

Courtney said...

My son Ben always liked different kinds of foods too. He's a cook now in a restaurant and aspires to become a true chef! He loves mussels too!

Anonymous said...

He's a handsome young man! Glad you two are enjoying fun adventures together Martie.
(sorry for the anonymous comment -- I'm having trouble posting comments to your blog)

Anonymous said...

Hi Martie! Just wanted to say hi... i've e-mailed you a few times, but not sure you are getting them... Would love to hear from you. I miss you!
P.s. like Ruthie above, i've had some trouble posting to your blog, i've tried a couple times before and they just don't seem to take - wonder why...

Anonymous said...

oops... P.S. I didn't sign my name above! It's Lisa! xoxoxo

Taos Sunflower said...

Courtney: That's SO cool!!! My son also loves to cook, which led to his first couple of jobs. Don't you love it when a person follows his/her passion?

Taos Sunflower said...

Lisa: Thanks to Ter'e, Ruthie, and a host of others, I think the blog issues are solved. Love you!!! M.