Monday, January 23, 2012

Spring cleaning

It has been a busy month since I posted last and while I think of you each day and want to share what I've been doing, it seems I'm stacking up my good intentions and doing little with them.  I'll try to catch up over the next few postings.

Spring cleaning, you ask?  Yes, I know it's not spring, but I'm in the mood.  In my "new life", splitting time about equally between NM and CA, I'm trying hard to make sure each trip to each home includes time for some special projects (read that: things I've long procrastinated on).  Since Roger's on travel for approximately 3 weeks, I'm using some of this time to knock some of those tasks off my NM list, beginning yesterday with my kitchen.

Since I love how some of you share your wonderful homes in your own postings, and in case I haven't done this before, I've decided to give you a peek at my kitchen (only a wasn't all photo-worthy today).  I have always dreamed of living in an old home and never had the opportunity, so when we built this home, I tried hard to make some of that happen here.  I have always loved antique kitchen utensils, and wanted a wood cook stove (which there wasn't room for along with the gas stove), so I chose a reproduction stove from Canada.  I found my sink for $40.00 in a junk store, and my pump for well water is one of my favorite is not a real pump, but functions as a regular faucet would if you lift the handle.  Years ago, someone who saw photos of our home in The New Straw Bale Home book by Catherine Wanek liked this pump so much it earned us a photo shoot and inclusion in an issue of Natural Home Magazine.  Who knew!!

Anyway, I digress.  Yesterday I took my beloved set of antique pots off the shelf and they are headed off to storage until I can find a better home for them.  After 20 years of use, I have decided to join the 21st century and bought brand new anodized aluminum cookware.  I also cleaned all the goo that accumulates off my antique ladles, and today my task is to clean out the old spices (some of which have been here for too many years to mention).  It feels good to do these things, and, as usual, I find that the pain of procrastination is much worse than the hour or two it takes to get these things done.

So, my friends, just why the heck do we do that to ourselves?  Anyone else have that problem?

PS  If you know someone interested in buying my antique pots, let me know, I'll make a sweet deal for the lot of them...there are six pots, four lids, and two of the pots fit together to function as a double boiler.  Sweet!


Orange Sink said...

What a delightful kitchen you have!! I would never leave it if it were mine!! Your sink and stove are to dye for!!!! You say you built your home new but it looks like an antique charmer!!! The pump is wonderful!!!
I would think someone would snatch those pans up immediately! They look like new!
I hear you on the spice situation! I wonder why I save them so long... could be they've gotten so expensive to replace..... but when you have to chip them out of the bottom of the container I think that is time to throw LOL!!
What are you making for supper in that sparkling clean kitchen?
Cathy G

Taos Sunflower said...

Cathy: AFter purging 75-80% of the spice shelf, I have determined that I only use about 10 basic spices EVER and will never again let myself go nuts and buy large quantities or weird combination things.

I thought you'd get a kick out of my kitchen...I am in love with your house, and figured that we shared some pretty similar feelings about decorating!

What's for dinner?'s my dirty little secret...I don't like to cook!!!! I pretended I liked it the first few years we moved in here but all I did was gain 40 lbs. I keep my cooking to basics...chicken or beef and brussel sprouts or broccoli most nights. I'm a fan of 10 minute prep time. PS I had to use a knife to dig the spices out, LOL.

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

What a fun and beautiful kitchen...very homey. I love the sink area. Those pots are great...but my little house is so small that I got rid of almost half of my stuff from the old house. I don't really miss it...but I wish I could find my old brown teapot.

Taos Sunflower said...

Thanks, Courtney. Don't you just hate it when you downsize and find you've let go of something you wish you hadn't? I hope your tea pot shows up, I know how personal they can be! XXX

Sara said...

Your kitchen is a treasure...I'd like to spend some time there! I LOVE your pots! How much would you like for them (with shipping to Canada)?

RuthieJ said...

Oh Martie, I love your kitchen. The brightness and pretty colors on your cupboards! Is the floor slate? The sink reminds me a bit of the one at my grandma's house in Wisconsin.
I'm with you on getting things cleaned up. Bit by bit and drawer by drawer, maybe my house will be de-junked by the end of 2012......

Taos Sunflower said...

Ruthie: Actually, our floors are concrete that we had stained. We love them, especially with dogs in mud or snow seasons! I love that the sink reminds you of your grandma's house...just what I was trying to do, build the house I wish my grandparents (who I really never knew) might have had. Silly, sentimental, me. XOXOX

Liz said...

I absolutely love your kitchen! It is adorable and has a happy feel to it. :)

Taos Sunflower said...

Thanks, Liz!