Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Preparing for camp

When I was a kid, growing up in East L.A., summers were SO BORING. Hand_dyed_rovings_529061_3 I actually attended summer school whenever possible, just for something to do.  The rest of the time was spent reading, sewing, and lying out in the back yard, trying to tan so I could look like I'd spent the summer at the beach (who was I trying to kid?).  To attend a summer camp was just something folks like us just never did.

AHA!  Now I'm all grown up and can sometimes do what I want...including attending summer camp.  Next week Monte and I are headed for spinning camp, and I can barely wait.  I spent Sunday afternoon dyeing fibers to take, and today am hauling my wheel off to UPS.   What's so special about this class?  Well, it's Camp Pluckyfluff, that's what!  If you haven't experienced it, check out www.pluckyfluff.com sometime.  Lexi Boeger has taken the lead in the new spinning revolution and is taking handspun yarns to places they've never been before...twisted, overspun, felted...flowers, buttons, lace, and an assortment of other oddments spun in.  For those of us who thought we had to worry about angle of twists, twists per inch, and all sorts of other spinnerly things...this spinning revolution is flying in the face of all that.  Instead of worrying about spinning enough for an entire garment, we can spin a single, artistic, wild, fun skein and have it stand alone.  One of our regulars, Gayle, purchased a Plucky Fluff skein from me recently and cleverly knit pieces from it that she sewed on cuffs and neckline of a Malabrigo pullover...it is beyond wonderful and next time I can, I'll ask her for a picture to post here.  Stay tuned.  --Martie

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