Friday, August 18, 2006

Catching up

Greetings!  It has been too long between postings, and I apologize.  Two of us out of town, one of us off in a writing workshop...we're just a busy bunch of Sunflowers.  Encinitas_pics_305_016 Photo is the scene of part of my mis-spent youth.   :0)

Since I wrote last...I have been to CA to visit my family.  While there, the ocean temps were record highs, so I actually dared to go to the beach (complete with boogie board) and for the first time in well over 20 years, went swimming in the ocean.  It was glorious!  Also I must add here that I wasn't the only overweight and out of shape person on the beach in a bathing I actually think I could do this again sometime.  (At least the Decency Police didn't arrive and arrest me, so I took this as a good sign.)

What's new...well, the fall and winter yarns are starting to arrive.  I'm almost finished with a neck down pullover out of Celtic, Berroco's new tweed yarn in a wonderful blend of wool and acrylic.  I'm also finishing the latest Clapotis (, see their archive for shawls and scarves).  It's super heavy and purposely big, so I can wrap up in it this fall and winter. It's taking 10 skeins of vintage Iro from Noro.  I love knitting this pattern so's my "mindless" knitting project to fall back on when I'm out of all my other mindless projects (I ONLY knit mindless projects at this point in life). 

The village of Arroyo Seco is about to celebrate its 200th birthday.  The official celebration is being held on Saturday, September 2 (Labor Day weekend).  If you're in town, stop by and say hi.  Everyone in the village is participating.  There will be games for the kids down at the old elementary school, musicians and demonstrations of arts and crafts all around the village.  We'll be having a spinning and knitting demonstration,  starting the process with a raw fleece.  I had hoped to have a loom ready to demonstrate on, but alas, mine's not in running order at this time.  There will be a slide show of historic photos going all day in the old/new building just next door to us, and the church is having a special mass at 9:00 a.m., to be followed by a procession and blessing of the village.  Food by our great restaurants...just bring yourselves and plan to spend the day.

Heavy on my mind:

Wool Festival is only 7 WEEKS AWAY.  I am in shock about how fast summer has passed.  My mom used to say "the hurrier I go, the behinder I get".  I feel that way about you?  We are starting to see the first teensy signs of fall in the air...and last night the local television station informed us that in another inch or so, we will have recorded more rain this summer than any other since they've been keeping weather records.   A far cry from this past winter, our driest winter in 102 years!

Classes coming:  Thursday, October 5:  Handspun Heaven with Terri Ranck.  Monday, October 9:  Tie One On with Terri Ranck.  See our What's New page on our website for more info on these.  I spoke with Terri a few days ago...she's knitting the class sample for Handspun Heaven...she's hardly sleeping because she's so involved in this project.  I am worried we're going to have to send the Wool Police to go and get it from her...

Taos Camp Pluckyfluff is booked!!!!  Write this down on your calendar...Lexi Boeger is coming to Taos Sunflower to share her MANY wonderful spinning techniques on Thursday and Friday, October  4 and 5, 2007.  These are the two days preceeding the annual Taos Wool Festival next year.  If you're already a spinner and have a desire to add to your skills and bring some long lost fun to your spinning, you won't want to miss this workshop.  If you aren't a spinner but want to be...then now is the time to start spinning and this class will be perfect timing for you and your sweet beginner spinning skills.  Contact the shop to be put on a waiting list...specifics on class fee, time, etc. will be posted by early October.  This is a special event and we are lucky to be able to have Lexi come to Taos...come join the fun!   ----Martie

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