Monday, August 28, 2006

The gate is locked...

and I am thrilled to be home, behind it, for two whole days without leaving the premises.  Today I've been washing wool madly, have the dyepots going, and am sneaking in rows of knitting on a handspun shawl when I should probably be finding something more productive to do.  It has been at least three weeks since I've had two consecutive days at home...and I couldn't be more excited.

Monte and I ventured up to Durango last Monday, checked ourselves into the historic Strater Hotel and spent all spare moments knitting.  It was a great treat.  We found the new (one year old) yarn shop, YARN, and enjoyed a visit there (oh, do I love buying yarn in other peoples' shops!).  We blissed out in good restaurants and drove home the next day...a spectacular drive after all the rain we've had this summer.  If you're headed to Durango, I highly recommend you visit YARN and be sure to say I sent you.  I think you'll be pleased.  Oh...and don't miss a treat at Coldstone Creamery.  Monte took me there for my first time.  I am grateful there isn't one in Taos...I'd be buying bigger sizes, for sure.

I spoke with Terri Ranck today about her class sample for the Handspun Heaven class...she sent me a sneak peek which I'll share with you.  Handspun_heaven_in_progress Terri assures me the techniques aren't nearly as complicated as they look here...I am beside myself with excitement to see the finished project.  There's one space left in her October 5 class and then we'll start taking names for a second class, if there are more takers.  I have to start taking my vitamins so I can hold up through all this excitement right on top of the Wool Festival!         ---Martie

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Jennifer McGuire said...

The picture doesn't do it justice.
I saw the piece she was working on Friday!
You all are going to have so much fun. I wish i could be there.
Jennifer McGuire
Lubbock, TX