Monday, October 9, 2006

After the festival

Liz_at_wool_festival_2 Dear Friends:  The 23rd Annual Wool Festival is now officially history.  Unfortunately, it ended up being a somewhat cold and very rainy weekend, and I heard this morning some of the vendors even had to move their tents to escape drainage issues.  The Sunflowers and I hit the park first thing on Saturday morning and had a grand time, buying as much as we could before heading back to Seco to open our shop.  This morning my friend Liz sent me this picture, taken by Taos News at the festival this weekend.  There she is, looking adorable in her handknits (as usual)...enjoying her 15 minutes of Taos fame...   :0)

The Handspun Heaven classes were a big hit...and soon as we have information on the possibility of sceduling a future class, I'll post it on the website.  To those of you who visited us over the past week, we thank you very much for coming to see us.  It is always great to see familiar faces and make new friends, and we appreciate your business.  In this time of predatory catalogs and web shops, it's even more important to support local yarn shops.

We hope you enjoyed your time in Taos!  --Martie

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Kay in Dallas said...

So glad to get feed back on WF. Rain is such a drag. It rained on us in '03. Still have straw in Zoe's stroller!
More info on future spinning workshops??
Kay/Mimi1/Texas Taco