Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Good Trip

Tomorrow begins our drive home to Taos.  It has been a great trip, exploring new areas, tripping down memory lane a little bit, and chasing fall colors.  Driving from Oakland to San Diego along old Hwy. 101, I saw sites I recall from my childhood, especially the rolling hills with oak trees, occasionally adorned with cattle grazing happily. Gone for good are the miles of Burma Shave signs that entertained me in those days.  New to my eyes were the miles of vineyards growing along this same corridor.  Most of these vines were in the process of changing into their fall colors, with shades changing from greens to yellows to golds.  It wasn't possible to stop to take a photograph to share with you, so instead I offer you a photo of my Malabrigo sweater (color: Rhodesian) that I was working on as we were driving.Cimg0583

The bag is my new favorite knitting bag, purchased from Catfish Studio at the Taos Wool Festival.  It is hand felted fabric (not knitted and fulled).  I needed another knitting bag about as much as I need more yarn, but I just couldn't resist, and after all, we really should support great craftspeople whenever possible, right?

And the mitts?  Well, I finished two pair, and in taking a picture to show you, so you'd really believe me, I managed to get my finger into most of the photo...so you'll have to take my word for it.  They are very fun and the Kacha Kacha helping me keep track of rows made the second pair happen in good time.  I highly recommend these for a fun knit for yourself or a really nice gift for someone special.  One pair took three balls of Julia, with enough left over for a good start on a second pair. ---Martie

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Alison said...

Hi Martie, Sorry to hear you were in my neck of the woods and I missed you! Oh well, you'll have to come visit another time. Or maybe I'll have to visit you! That sounds like a good idea... I miss Taos!
Take care,