Friday, March 2, 2007

Camp Plucky Fluff Registration: Update


Registration for Camp opened yesterday morning at 9:30 and the Oct. 3 & 4 class filled immediately.  TAKE HEART:  we are keeping a waiting list (and have three people on it already) and I am trying to see if Lexi can find two more days to teach a second class, so no one misses out.  SO...if you or anyone you know is interested in taking this class, please call us to get on this waiting list before it fills up (we are only taking 10 students per class).  I'm afraid a third class in that time period will probably be out of the question, so don't take too long to decide!

Photo album:  sorry there were no updates this week; there won't be any more until later in March.  We are stashing yarns for the next Handspun Heaven classes and have no more to advertise until the classes are behind us and we've had more time to make some more.  Thanks for your understanding.


PS  For those of you who access this blog directly from, you may now read our blog directly from our website,, and have access to our other pages and news at that time.  Thanks!

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