Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cat days of fall

Ok, so this is a lousy play on dog days of.....whatever, but I couldn't resist it.  This incredibly warm and sunny weather we're having has us all wishing we could just hang out outdoors.  I would like to point out that if the rest of us are working our hind ends off indoors, at least the kittens of Taos Sunflower know how to live.  Misstinker
I happened to be on my way outdoors to photograph a WIP today when I spotted little Miss Tinker, draped over her bro, B.C. (stands for Baby Chester).  By the time I got the camera out and got in closer, B.C., who lives in fear of me grabbing him for the dreaded trip to the vet, took off like the wind.  Little Tinker patiently sat and posed for me.  She is about as big as a minute.  I don't know if she was always going to be small, or if having her spayed so young did it...but she's absolutely adorable and the apple of our eyes.  ----Martie

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