Monday, November 26, 2007

Lost in Cyberspace

Oh dear.  I have too many eggs to sit on these days (figuratively, please).  I mentioned to you that I was invited to join Ravelry and now I am a woman possessed.  Someone please send me suggestions on how to budget on-line is taking a toll on my "free" time.  I should be ashamed to admit I'm so weak...but for those of you who already belong, surely you can sympathize.  If you can't, then please forgive me and try to understand.  Think on-line knitting and crocheting candy store...or worse. 

Just to pop in now to let you know I've not completely stopped all things creative...I knitted this shawl Iroshawl
this past week for something fun and easy.  It's the Malabrigo shawl pattern again, but this time I used Noro's Iro yarn (Color 18, I think...and no, unfortunately, we don't have it anymore).  It is to donate to a friend's shawl ministry here in Taos.  I love it so much, I may knit another with what I left in my stash...


Kristin Freeman said...

I have to stitch the facinig down on my lovely Malabrigo shawl and then will send a photo to you....early next week, promise! The facing seems to be just right to stop the rolling...I will write down what I did when I send the photo.
chilly weather wood stove time here...knitting is the way to spend hours here....I set a timer for my on-line time so I do not get lost in cyberspace and miss all the fun of working with fibers. Kristin

Martie said...

Kristin: Good to hear from you and thank you for the timer suggestion! Looking forward to seeing your shawl. I'll post about it, and the changes you made, when you send the info...the one in the photo above has an I cord on the neck edge, knitted in with 3 stitches and I'll know if it worked when it comes off the blocking board tonight.