Saturday, December 1, 2007

The week in review

Great news this week...our web store design is finished and I am compiling a list of what I want to offer there when we open it early this new year.  At the top of my list are spinning & felting fibers, hand spun and Malabrigo yarns. 

So...with this in mind, I'm now spending as much time as I can spare spinning new yarns.  Tcdetail2
This week's haul included what may be one of my all time favorites, and I've named it Turquoise and Copper.  There are four skeins, and they are soft and squishy and begging me to keep them.  What to do?  Sell, keep...sell, keep...hmmmmm....I guess I have another month or so to decide!

When those four skeins came off the wheel, the next to be spun accidentally ended up being perfect companion yarns...I have named them Copper Curls.  I have tried to adjust the color to show you more accurately what they look like, and hope it gives you the same feel I had when I named them.  These are also in the stash for the new web store.  Boy...I just realized something...we'll have to have a grand opening when it goes live...and I should probably think up a contest to offer some of our treasures for prizes!Coppercurlsonladdercopy

Yesterday Monte and I managed to inventory a lot of the yarn back stock we didn't bring over to the new shop.  Please read my page posting on this, about the big sale coming.  You won't want to miss out!

We came home last night, under a storm warning for a warm storm front that was supposed to bring us up to 10" of snow above 7,500 ft.  Our home is just around 7,800 feet, and here's a picture Bobasgordo
of what I saw outside the kitchen window this morning.  I should name this photo "Bob's World", because he spends many hours each day, surveying the forest and watching for invader animals like birds, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, and the occasional coyote.  Oh...and last, but not least, a photo of Bob, watching his world.

I hope you all have a safe and fun weekend! ---Martie


Bennie said...

Martie, the yarns are fabulous...I am so glad to see that you are spinning up lots of pretties...those colors are so very southwest...i cant wait for the new web page!!! luv, Bennie

HollyEQQ said...

Martie - I am in love with Bob. Look how unashamed he is of that fine belly! And the gall to just lay around and look out the window all day - he is my hero!
I adore the first yarn - LOVE LOVE. Your popcorn yarns are unbelievable... and I like the second yarn too - me love lumps and curls.
Glad you got some of the inventory done and I am off to go check out this sales business. Like I need more yarn!
I am planning on spending Christmas morning knitting my malabringo shawl - know there will be no time before then so not even going to pretend to try!
Congrats on getting the site up and ready! That is a challenge and a half. YOU have been a machine lately! Next, you will be able to force yourself to keep the store stocked in handspun! Woot woot. Talk about a dream job.
Happy Tuesday.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Martie,
Sometimes it's OK when the weatherman is wrong....unless you were looking forward to a little snow?
I'm curious about what kind of marauders visit your birdfeeders that you have them all chained up?

Martie said...

Hi Ruthie: We are in desperate need of snow, both for drought relief and because we have a ski valley just a few miles up the road, and all the businesses in Taos are dependent on visitors, winter and summer alike. So if you have any extra, please send it our way!
The chains are because of the squirrels...both the brown and the tufted earred Thompson's (grey) were taking the lids off and cleaning out the feeders before the birds could have any. It's actually a long story that leads up to the that includes them untying the ropes that came with the feeders, chewing off the bungie cords my DH put on them next (that only went off and snapped him). Ah, the age old story of man vs beast. :0)

ann-marie said...

The yarns are gorgeous, Martie. I particularly love the copper one!
Bob is looking gooooooooooood. :) Give that cat a big hug from Auntie Ann-Marie (his hair dressser:))

Martie said...

Bob says pruuuurrrrr, and something else I can't interpret...I think he has a secret language, just for you, Ann-Marie!