Monday, April 14, 2008

Baby Bob

As I was rooting through a box of photos last week, I found some of Bob's baby photographs.  It's hard to realize this 20 lb. blob of love was once a kitten. Bobinwool2
Here he is, lounging in some carded yellow wool...little did I know at the time of his coming penchant for all things fibery.Babyboblarry
  Then, with his "brothers"...Larry, the black and white, and Whisper (now gone to kitty heaven), our precious deaf white cat.Whisperbob
  Just to give you a gauge, Larry has never grown past 7 he's not a big cat.

Today I was finally able to get my computer connected to the scanner and have been having lots of fun.
  (That's how I managed to be able to share the baby photos with you.)  When I took my photo class in February, a visiting instructor showed us a slide show of her family and then passed around a book she made of her mom's journey through breast cancer and her treatments.  I am now hell bent to get what family photos exist in our family (my sister is the current keeper of these things) and scan and piece together what little she and I know, to be preserved for the younger members of our family.  I plan to use a site such as to do this. 

I was in a shop recently that was selling boxes of old photos...some going back to the 1800s and some as current as what appeared to be the fifties.Iowawoman_2
It broke my heart to think a family's history could end up for sale in pieces like that.  I had an urge to purchase all of them, just to give them a home, but it was cost prohibitive.  Instead, I opted to purchase these two photos.  One is Aunt Effie, or so written on the back in someone's handwriting.  Her photo was taken in Moline, Illinois.  The other person's photo had no name.  I hope someday to make some collages to honor them in some way.  Note to self:  remember to make some notes so when I die someday, my kids don't wonder which relatives these are.  ---Martie


HollyEQQ said...

Bob and Lazy Ass are soulmates. If I could make a bed of fiber big enough for the boy to lay on - that is EXACTLY where he would be. Although Lazy Ass has kept his boyhood figure, I think it is just genetics.
He is a fiber artist too. I think we just don't understand their deconstructed concepts. :)
Although Bob is a beauty - that Whisper made Lazy Asses ears perk up. She was one beautiful sheila. I know she is much missed.
Poor Larry just isn't the "big man" huh. He is still quite handsome.
Bob was impressive even as a young fiber cat.
Hope you are enjoying the scanner. I too feel great loss when I see those old photos. Makes me wonder who their family was and what happened to them.
Years ago, I went to a yard sale and the people just opened their house and were selling EVERYTHINg. So you went through the chest-0-drawers, pulled down the boxes in the closet, etc and collected what you wanted and took it downstairs for a final price.
I couldn't do it. I felt violated and it wasn't my stuff. Lady was moving to Florida (the promise land) and didn't want to take ANYTHING from her house with her. It was all very strange for me. I left feeling dirty. It was 14 years ago and I remember it like yesterday.

ann-marie said...

I can't believe I missed this one! BOB IS SO CUTE!!!!!! Ooooooooo, give him the bigggggest kiss from his hairdresser. :)