Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New yarn...old excuses


I've been off in spinning la-la land again lately.  Now that the days are warming up, I'm trying to be outside getting some dyeing done.  I can see now that this is going to be hard to part with what's coming out of the dye pots, so I'm going to have to really get my fiber hoarding tendencies put on hold long enough to put stuff in the new web store.

Last week UPS brought us the most wonderful new yarns...Lao silk yarns from Himalaya Yarns.Laosilkskeins
  These silk worms are being farmed so that this community can make a living selling a silk crop instead of a crop that ends up being narcotics...the specifics escape me now but I have the info at work...if you'd like to know more, write back.

Anyway...these are truly gems.  Each skein is a precious 57 yards (25 grams) of hand spun silk, hand dyed with natural dyes specific to their region.  The price is a ridiculously cheap $10.95 considering all this.  When I saw Connie on Sunday, she was searching for a pattern to knit up a shop sample.  It has been duly noted that the last time she offered to knit a shop sample it was with Qiviut...the girl has a taste for great yarns.  (And why not?  Life is short.)  If you're interested in more info on these, give her a call at 575.776.5644 (Thurs-Sun) or e-mail her at the shop. 

Love is in the air this spring. Bobhuggingmaynard
Our little birds are back in residence in the birdhouse I showed you last summer.  Unfortunately, one of their clan ended up in the dog water bucket out in the dog corral...I am hoping it's not one of our mating pair.  It broke our hearts.  I gave her/him a proper burial with a spot in a sunny location in a wild flower garden.  We simply can't imagine what caused it to just drop from the sky into the bucket...but I guess life is like that.

Then I found Bob and Maynard on the dog bed the other morning.  He was a tad bit annoyed at me for interrupting their you can tell. 

Last, but certainly not least, I got a package of goodies last week from my dear friend HollyEQQ.  We had been talking the previous weekend about how the early bird gets the worm, so to speak, when shopping on her website.  I then found out some of my greatest competition is my friend Ann-Marie .  Well!  Not to be outdone, I got up as early as I could on the morning after Holly's update and scarfed up all the packages of what she calls "Baby Mane".  Babymanewool
It is so yummy!  I wish you could feel how soft it is.  I have now presented myself with a challenge to find a way to use it in a garment (Holly spins hers into magic yarn).  Oh...and before I forget...on Sunday morning Ann-Marie was bemoaning that it had all been sold before she got any...he he he....well, don't be laggin' when I'm out shopping for fibers!    :0)


ann-marie said...

I'm onto you now and the challenge has been issued!!! LOL I suppose I should have kept my supplier secret but I just love Holly and her goodies sooooooo much, that I couldn't!!

Martie said...

he he he he...