Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Father's day posting

We celebrated Father's day this morning with pancakes and lots of
butter and syrup.  No kids, just our pets, who really are our kids, now
that I see this in print.  The dogs love having bites of pancake with syrup...not very healthy, but hey, I don't make them very often.

I scored  some used wool clothes this past week at a thrift store I didn't know even existed in Taos.  I615dyedyarns
'm happily tearing them apart in my spare moments.  I discovered one of the men's sport coats is actually hand woven tweed from Scotland (Harris Tweed).  Just as I was feeling I couldn't cut into it, I found a couple of small tears in the fabric anyway. I guess if I'm going to embrace this  new passion of rug hooking, I'd better get used to such things.  I'm loving hooking with the yarn...I'm almost finished with my little kit I got from Judy Taylor.  In fact, I'm hoping to get my own design transferred to linen before the end of this evening. I am a woman possessed (again).615pinkyarns

We've been having fun dyeing.  I'll attach some photos to share the color with you.  The days are perfect for working outside all day.  I found a bunch of yarn (I'd call it rag wool because of its barber pole look) I got some years back at the wool mill on Prince Edward Island...some is two ply, some is three...some is two plies of dark brown with one ply of white, and vice versa.  I originally purchased all of it to knit socks (my passion at that point in history) but am now having fun over dyeing it for my new rug stash.  I just love having a new gives me an excuse to buy a whole bunch of new books, study up, and collect more stuff.  Stuff!  I love stuff! One can never have too much, right?

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ann-marie said...

One can NEVER have too much stuff!! I'm eager to see what you've been busy with and am feeling that exhilaration of doing something new just by reading your posts.
May I also add that it is SOOOOOO good to be back in Taos after spending a week in lush, gorgeous but wickedly hot Kentucky! And talk about storms! We're so fortunate to live here. Our weather is perfect 365 days a year. Yikers. Okay, I'm up late and getting pretty far off topic. STUFF! That's what I'm all about!