Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Off to Columbus

We're headed out today to make our way to Columbus, Ohio for the TNNA wholesale yarn market.  We're pretty excited to see what's new since last year (we missed the January show).  We're guessing the big show buzz is going to be all things "green" we'll be making notes to hear what that means to others. 

For the first time in memory, I'm not packing a knitting project...instead, a Nantucket style rug hooking kit (Nantucket referring to its being hooked with yarn instead of fabric strips).  I'm pretty excited to get my paws all over it tonight in the hotel.  Great fortune came my way after my last post, in the form of a rag cutter from my long time fiber buddy, Kay.  As I was digging around this morning looking for my suitcase, I found a stash of wool yardage.  Boy, am I rockin' and rollin'.  A ton of fresh fleece to spin and a new habit (I mean, hobby).  Life is great.Sansyarndyed

Thanks to Kay in ABQ for the suggestion about spinning the Jacob by the locks.  I think you're right!  It's not very greasy, so I should be able to wash small sections only once to keep them intact.  My beloved late friend, Bernice Bonner, taught me years ago to clamp a small dog brush to the wheel for just such a purpose.  This was a revelation...I had been busy puncturing myself using a Viking comb, happily flicking out locks and removing my own hide as I went. 

I'm adding a photo of some hand spun eye candy.  It's yarn spun by my sweet friend Sandy Ryan of Homestead Wool and Gift Farm and dyed by Monte and I.  This yarn is so soft and airy, it's almost magical.  It's in the shop now, for sale, despite my usual desire to stash it por moi.  More will be coming soon!

Have a great week...

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HollyEQQ said...

Have fun at T - N - A!!!
It reminds me of the old Broadway musical.... A Chorus Line .....
And that yarn looks spectacular! You guys are dyeing machines over there! Take care of you.