Sunday, August 10, 2008

What's on the needles?

I have decided that rather than waiting until January to wish I had a nice, new sweater, Sweaterrphandspun
this year I'll do something totally out of character and knit one (or two?) this summer.  Monte and I are planning a trip to Canada this fall, and I'm planning to make good use of a couple of sweaters while we're on the road.

So I snorkeled around in the stash last week and found a bunch of skeins of hand spun Sweaterdetrphspun
I had purchased from Robin Page (Pagewood Farms) when she visited us last year during wool festival weekend.  They are heavenly...two ply, hand dyed and hand spun  Merino superwash roving.  While I'm not a fan of superwash products, I'm in love with the yarn enough to overlook this factor.

I had enthusiastically started a triangle shawl with them last fall but ran out of yarn.  Robin had a couple of skeins left, so I ordered those through the mail. Then I found two more at my friend Kara's shop, Yarn, in Durango last fall.  I got them all together this past week and discovered the happiest of things for me:  they are all very different in color.  I love when this makes my project more like painting.  I thought I'd show you my progress so far.  Please note how I always knit the same sweater over and over...I love it...Pure & Simple's Neck Down muss, no fuss, no sewing.  When you're finished, you're finished.  Hallelujah!


Teresa Q. said...

Gorgeous sweater, Martie. Love the colors!

RuthieJ said...

Beautiful sweater Martie! I love those colors too.

Stephanie Griego said...

What a beautiful color combination! And it's always nice to have a tried and true pattern.
I can't wait to hear more about your Canada trip.

shawn said...

the sweater is looking gorgeous. i hope to meet it in person!