Monday, September 29, 2008

Taos Wool Festival

Well, it's almost here.  When I flew back to Albuquerque on Saturday, I saw ladies at the luggage carousel that I'd be willing to bet were arriving to be here for the wool festival this coming weekend.  You know how you can just tell that someone is a fiber person?  I love that about all of us.  Like a secret handshake, almost.

I've posted our hours for this week on a page on our What's New listings, if you're planning to come to town.

I'm beyond grateful to be home again.  It was starting to concern me that I'd miss the last week of our shop, miss Wool Festival, and most of all, miss seeing all of you who have become such great supporters and friends during this special week each year.  If you're not coming this year and I miss getting to see you, please know you will be missed.


shawn said...

welcome home. i know how happy you must be to be settled with all you love around you. wish i could be there for the festival. xxx

Martie said...

I wish you could, too! Maybe another year?