Friday, September 12, 2008


When I moved to NM years ago, I fantasized that every day I would be out hiking and hiking and become totally buff in no time.  What I've found, instead, is a list of reasons not to hike alone that is possibly longer than the list of viable hiking trails in NM.

This week here in SoCal CannaLily

has left me with time on my hands and not much to do but whatever I please.  What has happened is that I have spent much of this time feeling guilty because I am not accomplishing something specific, not back in Taos fussing around my messy desk at the shop, beng part of the last weeks of my retail shop, not dyeing fibers for the web store, not spinning...well, you get the picture.  Why do we do that to ourselves?

My friend Liz has moved back to the coast. 
She has a house about 4 blocks up from ours.  For two years, she lived at the bottom of our road in Taos.  All of this more or less serendipitous, mind you.  During the time she was in Taos I believe we got together and hiked or snowshoed maybe half dozen times.

This week, we've walked several miles two out of the last three days.  RockNearBeach
We are very proud of ourselves.  I am off this morning to buy ankle weights.  I'm starting to feel like that exercise gorilla I dreamed of being years ago.  Stay tuned.

While we walk, I've been shooting snapshots of local things with my new iPhone (I am passionately in love with my iPhone, thank you Kay for sharing yours and infusing me with technology lust).  Here are a few of the things I've shot that I wanted to share with you.

Back to Los Angeles today, will write more from there...Martie


the ryan sheep said...

Love love the pictures Martie--and with a cell phone??? Love the flower with the flag and ocean in the background--how cool! Hope all is well--thinking of you--happy walking! the Ryan Sheeps

RuthieJ said...

Good for you Martie! My husband walks 2 miles every day and I have a number of excuses for not going along, but I bought some new walking shoes yesterday and the weather has cooled down now, so I'm running out of excuses......
P.S. That's a really neat looking rock. Your iPhone takes nice pictures!

Kay said...

Woohoo!!! IPhone photos rock. Let's hear it for Martie, the walker. Keep it up, girlfriend.

shawn said...

these "down" times are wonderful for looking at our lives from a distance and figuring out what the next step should be... you are at such a place of beginnings! xxx