Monday, January 12, 2009

The trip project

Here it is. I am loving it. It's Aracaunia Nature Wool in all the strange colors I rooted out of my stash. The best part is that you crochet it together as you go. The trip project


SandraG. said...

Hi: this is a very, very coooool pattern and of course love all the colors and yarns. can you tell me where I can find the pattern ?? I have a major stash of yarn my Mom and I have accumulated over the years but she does not crochet anymore (she is 84 yrs old now)so I inherited them all, yipppee, ha : ) Love your site, wished I had been able to have had the opportunity to see your shop. My husband and I were married at the San Geronimo Lodge in Taos 10 years ago this Sept. we plan on being there to celebrate our anniversary this year : ) I'd reallly appreciate the info on your fabulous pattern.
Blessings, Sandra in AZ

Jessie said...

Oh this is fabulous! It looks so cozy and comforting like a hand stitched quilt. I do love the fact you can assemble as you go- what a great project! Thanks for sharing!

Martie said...

Hi Sandra: Luckily, I kept the original e-mail telling me how to get the book:
The book the pattern came from can be bought at Search on Yesasia for this ISBN: 4415103650.
I believe it was around 10.00 when I bought it (a year or so ago). Free shipping with $30 or more (at that time) so I bought three of them and shared with friends.
It is in Japanese but the directions are pretty easy to figure out, unlike the way most American patterns are written, they use diagrams that are easy to count from.
There is a blog from a German woman living in Japan called "MOONSTITCHES" is wonderful, and it is where I saw this blanket in the first place. She has generously posted a series of photographs on how to join the blocks together...much easier than figuring it out from the book. I printed them all out and lugged them around until I got it.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if you get the book and start the blanket! What part of AZ are you in?

lisa said...

Hi Martie!
I love this blanket! You always have the coolest projects! So when will you be back and we can get together? I reeeaaaaaallly really miss you and I'm looking forward to seeing you... can we make a knitting/spinning date sometime soon???? With your support, I have taken an oath not to travel for now, so that I can have time for my fiber passions and my FRIENDS! LOVE YOU!!!! xoxoxxoxo Lisa

Martie said...

YAY! Stay strong! Monte can offer her travel advice, as well! XOXOXO M.

RuthieJ said...

What gorgeous colors Martie. Will it be an afghan or a shawl?

Martie said...

Well gosh...I wanted it to be an afghan but it's not clear I'll have enough yarn. I'm sort of all shawled up right now, so I think it may end up being something like a lap robe.

SandraG. said...

Hi Martie: wellll, I've tried the site you gave me,, they come up with -0- on the ISBN, tried boooks but nada : ) so I guess that's that for that, ha : ) hope your trip went/is going well.
Blessings, Sandra in AZ