Sunday, February 22, 2009


I go to a theater to see a movie when it's released perhaps once or twice a decade, preferring the quiet of my own home to people answering their cell phones or digging through popcorn barrels as though their lives depended on it (I mean REALLY...).  As a result of my disdain for sharing this experience with the public, I often don't see movies until they've been around for quite a while.

But then...there's Oscar night.  I watch no matter what I have or haven't seen.  I admit to liking all the red carpet stuff, the movie clips, the entertainment, and when the cameras pan the audience and I get to see that my favorite actors are starting to look a little long in the tooth like I am.  Time spares no one, unless you're Joan Rivers and you've had so much surgery your face no longer moves when you talk...but that's another story.

So tonight, I'll be rooting for...well...I haven't seen any of them, so I'll just be there vicariously, and hoping Hugh Jackman does a better job of being emcee than some of the others who weren't so hot.

What does this have to do with fiber?  Nada.  However...I'll be spinning up a big ole bag of grey wool while I'm watching...and maybe I'll even have a bowl of popcorn.

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