Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The face of the enemy

I did so well last year.  I lost 31 lbs. (yes, that 1 lb. IS VERY important to note).  Kept it off, even after climbing on that slippery slope called indulgence.  Then September hit, and my weeks in CA under all the stress, and then October, with the shop closing...well, you know where this is headed.  So here I am now, up half that much, fighting my way back down.

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is...the face of the enemy.


I'm hanging out with my friend Kay this week in the big state of Dallas.  Yesterday we hit Central Market, which is like food heaven right here on earth.  I bravely walked the isles of chocolates, pastries, fresh baked breads, and cheeses, before I found my section and took this photos.  Enough said.



shawn said...

oh but what a wonderful photo!

liz said...

Hi Martie--love the veggie photo. Melinda read Edgar Sawtelle and couldn't figure why it was so highly recommended. Liz

RuthieJ said...

Hi Martie,
I feel your pain--I'm in the same predicament. I can't wait till the weather gets nice enough that I can walk outside again without the worry of slipping on ice or snow.

Martie said...

I've been using the ice and snow as my excuse...handily ignoring that I have a treadmill I could be using...