Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Friends...near and far

 Last summer I was poking around on the internet, looking for someone who might be blogging about rug hooking.  There I found Island Sweet and Shawn O'Hagan.  I loved the simplicity and sensitivivity of her  daily posts, and before long, I had gone back to the beginning and read her entire blog history. 

Then I started wishing we could be friends.  I just new we should be.  I finally screwed up my courage and wrote her an introduction, sending a photo.  Before long, she answered.  We've been building our friendship since.  When I opened our little Etsy shop, she was right there, helping me with all sorts of things it might have taken me a long time to figure out (if ever).

That was the beginning and now we are building our friendship, long distance, a little at a time.  I hope one day I can visit her in her home of Newfoundland.  I hope one day she can visit me in New Mexico.  Things sometime happen if you dream about them long enough.

I recently did a trade with Shawn, and in return, two of the most wonderful, hand knitted, shawls came my way.  One of them went to another loving home before I could take a photo...and this is the one I kept, just my colors, knitted with yarns made from her hands, and so soft it's like a child's security blanket. 


I am truly blessed to have made such great friends through the internet.


shawn said...

thank-you martie. i feel the same.

sandy said...

you are a blessing too Martie--we adore you--San & the sheeps