Saturday, April 11, 2009

The neighbors

Thanks to Shelly for identifying my gooseberry bushes.  Another Taos friend also recognized them and informs me they may or may not bear fruit one day.  I hope so...although it would be for the wild life, not for me.

BearPaw Speaking of wild life.  One of the first nights I spent in this house,  one of my Golden Retrievers woke me up.  I got up and in the moonlight, watched as a bear came along the side of the house, just next to the building (like inches).  It was spring, and we had no landscaping done, so the perimeter was nothing but mud.  As it got to the front of the house, which is all windows about waist high and up, I followed it inside as it lumbered along on the outside.  It was rather like I was the fish in the aquarium...and for this recovering city person, it was just the best experience. 

The next morning I rushed into town and bought some plaster of Paris, to keep those first prints with me.  This is one of the partials...I have some other full prints, as well.  They now reside on the rock wall on our front porch.  These are the neighbors I love the best.


RuthieJ said...

Oh Martie, what a neat story! It's good to hear that wildlife is welcome in your yard.

Teresa Q said...

I have loved your blog. I felt like I was walking with you & seeing each plant. I could hear all of the noises & smell the fresh mountain air. Thank you for sharing with us!

Martie said...

Thanks! Notice I don't feed the bears like someone I know...

HollyEQQ said...

What? Bears?
Feeding them?
You mountain people are PLUM crazy! Crazy I tell ya.
You do realize that them there bears are bigger than you and they bite?
I take back my Taosina membership!
*shakes head and mutters*

Martie said...

So here's the deal, Holster...they really don't want to see me any more than I want to see them, probably. They are, however, big chow we no longer grill outdoors and when I'm cooking something yummy during the months they might be out cruising, I don't leave the French doors open, either (many of my neighbors have had indoor visitors).
Mostly they want to waddle through here and go to the orchards in the valley below us for the fresh summer plums, apricots, and apples. Yum!