Thursday, November 5, 2009

Excuse me, is your pig missing?

This morning on KTAO, our local radio station, there was a change in programming so that the morning host could take phone calls to weigh in on the fact that the radio station's beautiful outdoor concert venue has apparently been shut down pending a ruling on a noise complaint by neighbors.

It was all very serious. I listened to it while I was dressing, and then again in the car on the way to town. The calls and opinions were flying fast and furious. Taos is nothing if not a hot bed of opinions.

Suddenly the host takes the next call, which goes something like this:

"Hello, I live out near Three Peaks, and I just saw someone's pig running loose. It's HUGE. Like the size of a BEAR. REALLY. I saw it over near Harmony Drive. It's HUGE. Someone must be missing it by now. It's like a BEAR!"

Somehow, I was able to manage to not have to pull over to the side of the road while I laughed my head off over this welcomed break in all the seriousness.

I've had to stop on the road for cattle and the occasional horse. I have had elk fly across in front of me on the open roads north of here. I remember the year (mid-90s) when some poor moose managed to range too far south and was seen a few miles from our home. One just never knows what one might see in Taos. Truly.

I just love being here.

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Twisted in Texas said...

totally random, that epitomizes Northern New Mexico. Love the local flavor. Thanks for sharing.