Friday, January 8, 2010

All you need is LOVE

One of the satellite channels recently featured this documentary about the collaboration between the Beatles and the Cirque du Soleil that became the show LOVE. I sat, mesmerized, walked downstairs and announced we were getting tickets to go. For those of you who remember last year's posting, you will recall that Las Vegas is pretty much the last place on earth I would put myself on purpose.

So...we saw the show last night and I am here to report that if you love the Beatles, you must see this show if at all possible. I won't even try to explain was a seamless experience from the sensory to the visual. (For the record: this is my first ever Las Vegas show, so I may have broken some ice here.)

There was an amazing gift shop, and this chopper, donated by the local dealership, was on display, as was this "violin" bass guitar, signed by the Fab Four. I will confess that the chopper meant a lot more to me than the guitar, but that's because of another part of my life I'll probably never share with you.


Twisted in Texas said...

I'm still trying to get a visual of you and Mr. Sunflower at LV show.

Taos Sunflower said...

There is such a mixture of weirdos here we hardly were noticeable. :0)

Anonymous said...

What a triptych to Las Vegas. Do like the Beatles. Those days.... -Jack

Taos Sunflower said...

Yes, it was done so well...and the sound system was so perfect...for 80 minutes you actually felt like a kid again.