Sunday, January 10, 2010

Surf's up

Greetings from my other world. We've come for only two days, because we're adopting our grand dog and taking her home to Taos with us. She's a little over a year old (a Rottweiler, like our other two) and has been the apple of our (canine) eyes since we met her a year ago.

The sunset was incredible last night and I couldn't help but share the photos with you, taken from the house. The surf was glassy and huge, and the streets were parked for blocks because of all the surfers that were out. Last evening was one of only a handful that I can recall (in 24 years of owning this home) that I could hear the surf crashing instead of Interstate 5. What a nice lullaby it was.


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Beautiful skyline photos.

RuthieJ said...

Good luck with your new doggie Martie!