Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Photo day

Today is absolutely glorious. It has been in the high 60s, maybe lower 70s. A perfect day for being out in the dye studio. My friend Linda came up to dye wool yardage for rug hooking and I gathered some of what I've been dyeing these last few weeks to photograph for my Etsy shop.

I decided it's so nice out here that I'd do my editing here, as well. Each piece of product has been photographed from many angles and exposures, so it can take me a day or more to edit a few hours' worth of photos, especially if I need to color adjust using Photoshop. I try not to do that unless it's absolutely necessary, but I strive to get my final photos to match my product exactly, on my monitor, anyway. It's always up for grabs what happens when it shows up on someone else's computer. I just know it has been disappointing to buy things on line, only to have them look entirely different when they arrive in the mail.

Music is my constant companion when I'm working. I am acutely aware of how it can put me in different times of my life and change my moods in seconds. Today was Blossom Dearie and Buck Owens. The next time could be opera. I just never know what will strike me until I start working.

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Anonymous said...

What a relaxing day it must have been.