Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring cleaning

No, no...not my wool room. Holy moly, am I a pack rat. It is a humbling experience to witness first hand how much I can accumulate when I'm thinking I'm not.

A friend is coming to live with I'm having to face what my friend Tracy calls "the seedy underbelly" of my life. That includes countless boxes of fabric brought with me in 1993 from California (I no longer sew), enough spinning fiber for a few years, ditto commercially spun yarns, and part of my collection of antique and reproduction quilting fabrics (I don't quilt...I just love the idea). Oh...and my snowshoes, skis, about a dozen or more suitcases, back packs and camera bags (I have containeritis), multiple cans of remains of pets past, and too many dead flies all over the floor from when it got cold last fall. I am, if nothing else, a woman of vision. I know I can make this homey and cozy in these next few weeks.

I have also been doing some cyber housecleaning. Some of you may have been on my mailing list and received my letter on March 1 telling you that I will no longer keep a mass mailing list and send out the occasional newsletter. Any news I have about my Etsy shop will happen here, as well as on the bulletin board of my website, Taos I have revamped the website from six pages to three for easier navigation and less chatter. I am hereby solemnly swearing to try harder to keep it updated more frequently.

Oh...and the best news is sunny today, that full up, in your face sun, complete with crystal clear blue skies. I am one happy puppy...yesterday I had actually been on the Mayo Clinic website, researching SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and contemplating ordering one of those little full spectrum light panels that's supposed to help pull you out of the dumps. Here's hoping the sun stays instead!


Poetrycompany said...

Good for you!! We have sunshine today also. Another animal came to visit today. He is another child from someone who decided a pot bellied pig is too much to care for so they bring him to a country road & send him merrily on his way. So sad. He had the horses really upset. I am hoping he decides to reside somewhere else. Eager to see your new hooking project that you finished!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, abandoned animal. How cruel. Really sad.

Martie, I am glad you had some sunshine. SAD is problem, I know. You've really had major winter up there, too, I guess? For Taos, Arroyo Seco?

Taos Sunflower said...

Teresa: That just infuriates me. Poor pig. It's a good thing I have Roger, who enforces some level of herd control...otherwise I'd be the crazy lady in the mountains that adopted all the abandoned animals!

Taos Sunflower said...

Jack: Yes, it's been a very dark winter. I don't think we've had as much snow as in the last few years, but the grey skies landed on us, big time. However...having said that...we are on day 3 of sunshine and I am just about jumping for joy. I can't believe how quickly it turned me around...I feel like a completely new person. Yay!