Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bit and pieces

We are all now in a holding pattern, waiting for the baby to make her entrance into this world. Her mom is more than ready for her to arrive, after long months on bed rest. Her dad is scheduled to leave on November 12 for his next jobs, this time far down in Baja California, with no easy access to transportation back here. I am scheduled to return to NM in a few weeks. We all thought she'd be here by now. As if we hadn't already guessed earlier this summer, this girl clearly has a mind of her own.

My mom's name was Rosemary...which will be the baby's middle name. I suddenly realized the other night that mom's birthday is Monday...November 1...and would have been her 100th birthday had she lived. I am harboring a hope that little Maddy arrives Monday, and maybe, just maybe, my mom is watching this all unfold.

Knowing I will leave soon, I'm trying to be extra productive with every moment that I have at home. I've been following a blog called Bumble Beans this summer, and one of the fun things that she loves to do is use scraps to sew quilt blocks. The method she uses is to sew the scraps to an old page out of a phone book, and keep building on that until you've covered the paper. I started out thinking I'd do a block a day, and then that old devil took hold of me and I obsessed until I stopped myself at 30 blocks. I'm hoping to have them in a finished quilt top by the end of this are some photos of the works in progress.

Have a good weekend!


Fran said...

Very pretty scrap quilt coming along. Keep us posted, and I hope for Monday also. Fran in Calgary

island sweet said...

oh i hope she comes tomorrow. nov.1st - an auspicious day! thinking of you. xxx

Taos Sunflower said...

Thanks, Fran!

Taos Sunflower said...'re so right, Shawn. I love that you use few words but the ones you use are always just right. XXX