Monday, October 11, 2010

Sea changes

Sorry to be so long between postings. Things have been moving quickly around here. Mr. Sunflower was here for a much needed one week visit and our tenant of seven years moved I was busy cleaning and making that space ready for my friend Konny to come and visit for a few days.

Her visit last week was wonderful for both of us. The tides were quite high and conversely, quite low. We walked on the beach each of the three afternoons she was here, combing the reef and tide pools, collecting shells long since vacated by their owners. The tide pool in this particular photograph had not only the sea anemones, but if you look closely, little snail shells that were all occupied by busy little hermit crabs. It was just magical.

Walking the reef those days, it was hard not to compare the experience of those tides with our own lives, and the changes that come, no matter what we want. I've now been here almost 6 months, the baby is due within weeks, and yet again, I see changes in myself I never dreamed I'd see. It's all very wonderful.


island sweet said...


Ter'e said...

MMMM how I love those California scenes and shells. It's totally different on these Florida shores. Vaya con Dios Martie. Enjoy........."Grandma".

Anonymous said...

Martie, Those changes come, regardless. A very good connection you have made with self and the tide. You seem to be in a very good place about accepting changes. I hope to be there someday.

Your visit from your husband reminded me of when I would go and visit Brenda in Germany when she was teaching. We were so happy to see each other after our separation.

I've never strolled the beach at low tide.

Taos Sunflower said...

Hi Jack: good to hear from you, I've been terribly remiss with blog reading/commenting/posting this summer. I still receive your postings, you're just not hearing from me!