Monday, December 27, 2010

Celebrations, beginnings, and endings

It has been a peaceful holiday here in the mountains. Some snow, some friends, some family, and lots of good food. What more could we ask for? December 31 will mark our 18th wedding anniversary; the marriage that surprised many folks who had known us the 15 years we had shared each others' lives before quietly eloping to Santa Fe. What amazing years these have been...all 33 of them. My folks were married 67 years when my dad died...I'm thinking it's a bit optimistic we might live that long, but it's certainly a great goal!

This is always the time of year for personal reflection, and I've certainly been doing my share. It's like mental housecleaning, thinking about the past, planning for the future. I've made a decision to spend lots of time in California, visiting my grandchildren. I want them to grow up knowing grandparents, since I didn't. I want them to know and remember their Opa as the kind and loving man that he is, and their Mimi as the loving and fun person I want to be. I want to be around like family, and not company. I want to be there for them during the subtle changes as they grow. I definitely feel I'm embarking on a new phase of my life, and I couldn't be happier about it. It is reminiscent of that same feeling of excitement I used to get just before school started: a new adventure, learning new things and meeting new friends.

As for endings...well, along with leaving one decade and heading into the next with all the rest of you, I've decided to leave this blog for now. It began in spring of 2006 as a link and marketing tool for my yarn shop. Over time it has evolved into something much more personal, and I've taken your friendships and caring so seriously, I've even hesitated to use it much to promote my little Etsy shop. I've loved being able to share my world with you, and have greatly appreciated your advice and feedback when I've asked for it; it does, after all, take a village sometimes. Having the viewpoints of so many others has often helped me change my way of looking at things, and that has been invaluable to me; for those many gifts, I can't thank you enough.

However, having said all of that: I haven't felt terribly inspired to post lately, so I'm paying attention to that. I love writing, and have often dreamed of writing on a more serious level; I am allowing myself to imagine that maybe, just maybe, by not posting here, I will use that energy to write privately instead. Who knows? I only know that I feel like this blog has, for now, run its course. I am not ruling out posting again...just not in the near future. I need some time to, well, "marinate" on some things. Sort of like starting with a blank canvas and wondering where to start, I am both a wee bit nervous and a lot excited.

So, dear friends...thanks so much for being with me all these years. I will continue to watch your own blogs, and am sure I'll pop in now and again with my comments.

May you all have the most wonderful new year, filled with love, happiness, and health. I shall miss you.

With love,


(and my editor, Bob, sends his good wishes, as well.)


island sweet said...

I will miss this connection. we'll just have to use email. xxx

Orange Sink said...

Oh Martie,
Having just started reading your blog a couple of months ago I am heart broken. But I know exactly what you are saying. I wish you the best in future adventures and don't be afraid to update here once in awhile if you should get an urge. Have enjoyed your writings and thoughts on all things. One of the few blogs I've read where you actually speak out on a subject. May all your hopes, dreams and positive energies carry you to your bliss!
Cathy G

Taos Sunflower said...


Absolutely!!! You still have a trip to make to New Mexico! XOXO

Taos Sunflower said...

Cathy: Thanks so much for your note. It means a lot to me that you understand. I'll be hanging out, watching your blog, for sure! XXXX Martie

Kim said...

Hi Martie,
Like Cathy, I will miss reading your posts but I do understand that sometimes things do run their course. I'm sure whatever next creative outlet you embark on will be successful and fulfilling.

Taos Sunflower said...

Thanks, Kim!

seashells said...

Hi Martie! I'll miss your blog too, and your wonderful pictures of New Mexico. Maybe we'll find time to spin together during one of your California trips.


Taos Sunflower said...

Shelly: I'd love that!

swamericana said...

Martie: Congrats on your decisions! To be around family more than company and to focus on writing off-the-blog. I understand the latter. I have pulled back from posting for the same reason. I have enjoyed reading your work and knowing you this way. I think your "Taos Sunflower" name is so very light and illuminating. Your posts have reflected that name and I have found your writing peaceful and in tune with all the best Taos offers. Frankly, I will miss your writing and blog tremendously. It has a kind of purity of spirit and purpose this world needs. I think you have the talent to write and draw (remember I posted that drawing and sketch of yours on my blog) and I hope to see you in print. I will always think of you when I see sunflowers and visit Taos. Do stop by my blog and comment. I'm still doing a lot of nature writing and would love to hear from you. Take care. Warmest regards, Jack of Sage to Meadow.

Taos Sunflower said...


Thanks so much for stopping in and giving me your support on my decision. I don't take your compliments lightly; you are someone I have an enormous amount of respect for. I missed out on going to college, so life has been my classroom; blogging has been one of my classes, and now, perhaps it's time to focus on something a bit more involved.

One of the down sides of blogging, I've discovered, is that some of my friends no longer keep in touch directly because they read the blog. I, in turn, have found that I have become lax in my personal communications, often assuming that the folks I'm not staying in touch with are reading my blog, so it's OK that I'm not writing. Faulty logic, to be sure. I've actually taken the time to hand write a few cards this past week, since making this decision, and found great joy in pasting stamps on their corners and popping them into the always quirky NM mail system. (Before I got a computer and e-mail in 1998, I hand wrote a couple hundred letters or more each year. I love those moments, long gone now that everyone's in need of immediate gratification.)

I will surely stop by and keep up with your world. I've been letting myself get behind on my blog reading lately...something I'm not proud of. I hope to rectify that as one of my New Year resolutions!

I would still love for you and Brenda to let us know when you'll be in Taos next, on the chance that I'll be in town and we could all meet in person.

Best wishes,


Ter'e said...

I have said it before and I shall say it again:
"Vaya con Dios".
You know my thoughts!!!!! I have nothing but the highest regard and love for you. I wish you many wonderful endeavours in 2011.
I still hope David and I can come to NM in Sept of 2011 and smell the smells you have told us about! I am dying to smell the roasting of the chilis, firsthand!

Wishing you the very best that life has to offer.........

Taos Sunflower said...

Ter'e: Your the best. Of course, we'll stay in touch...I want to be the one to feed you green chile at Abe's! XXXXX

Liz said...

I have really enjoyed your blog and will miss it very much! I wish you all the best and really appreciate you sharing your life with the world. You are such a kind and gracious person. Thank you and cheers to a great 2011!

Taos Sunflower said...

Thanks, Liz! I'll be watching your blog, for sure. Happy new year to you, as well. Keep on spinning! :0)

Sallyrae said...

Onward to the next step in your adventure. I have learned so much from your blog. Books and movies to watch, places to stay while on travels and most of all how you put a special spin on words taking what one might see as mundane and ordinary and making something so special. Best wishes my friend. I will be looking for your from now on in letters. You are a treasure.

Taos Sunflower said...

Debra: I'll be there in those letters! XOXO


All the best to you Marti. I LOVED reading your blog!!! I remember going into your store in Taos many years ago, and when I googled the store I found your blog. Equally as wonderful as the store. Taos is such a special place, and you seem to have the essence of that beautiful area in your heart. Like attracting like. So much warmth and awareness in your writing. Such a joy to "tune in" and feel the energy. I wish you well in your new adventures.

Taos Sunflower said...

Grateful Heart: Thank you so much for your wonderful note. Who knows, I may come back after a rest; in the meantime, I'll follow your blog for beauty and inspiration! Best wishes...Martie

dirtywaterdyeworks said...

I'll miss reading your posts, Martie. I've stayed connected to Taos through various outlets, but yours is the most personal. I'll miss your musings on life, your book and movie recommendations - and I'll miss your pictures.

But you must follow your heart. Enjoy your new freedom - write, create, explore. And enjoy the time with your family. Do stay in touch. All the best as you embark on new adventures.

RuthieJ said...

Dear Martie,
Best wishes in your new beginnings with family and writing. I hope there will still be gratifying amounts of fiber in your future too!
I had a not-so-good summer and lost touch with some of my friends because I wasn't blogging. I'll always be grateful to you for introducing me to Ravelry and I hope we can still stay in touch occasionally.
Most definitely I hope to meet you in person if I ever find my way to New Mexico in the future!
Hugs from Minnesota,

swamericana said...

Martie: Thank you for your reply to my comment. I hope Brenda and I can meet you one day. Jack of Sage to Meadow.

Ter'e said...

Gosh Martie.
I miss you and your wonderful uplifting, colorful posts!!!!
I miss the "Martie touch".
I hope you are doing many rewarding fun and creative things!!!!
(that'a all I can say)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OH no! I know I have been AWOL for a while but I certainly did not expect to find this when I came over.
I do however understand! It does take a lot out of us to keep a blog going but I do hope that you will post every now and then and let me know that your okay.
Love that you are wanting to write. I too share that hope and have started up doing it again. May never get anywhere with it but the joy of doing it.
Enjoy your grand babies they are what keep me going
Love ya