Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We woke up yesterday morning to about 7" of snow here in our little part of the forest. I think I'll never lose the excitement that a first snow brings, even if it does end up involving a snow shovel. The dogs really love it. Our oldest dog, Meika (who is a senior citizen at age 11), is the picture of pure joy when it snows. It brings a lightness to her step and her spirits alike. May we all know such joy.

These aren't great photos...I took them last evening with my cell is of the moon rising over the mountain behind us, the other from up above our house and the dog corral, looking down on the Rio Grande Valley far below. It was a ribbon of silver, had you seen it person.

I have been really down this week. On Tuesday morning, I drove past the scene of a fatal automobile accident. A young man was speeding to get home and lost control of his car. No alcohol...but no seat belt. It has rekindled the memory of our own Kara (a former Sunflower), who lost her life farther up that same road a few years ago. Senseless waste, so avoidable. My heart aches for these families.

Please have a great weekend, and stay safe. Remember that being in a hurry is rarely worth it.


Kim said...

Amazingly I haven't had to get out the shovel yet. We have only had a couple of light dustings that melted away within hours. (I'm not complaining)
I hate seeing accidents any time, but this time of year it is especially heart wrenching.

Taos Sunflower said...

Wow, Kim...that's amazing. I thought you'd been getting tons of snow!

dirtywaterdyeworks said...

Beautiful snow! Enjoy your winter white.

Taos Sunflower said...

Thanks, Stephanie!

Liz said...

The snow is beautiful! It does not snow much here in Texas but when it did my dog Luna loved playing in it! It was great to watch her race around with the snow flying out beneath her paws. My other dog Millie is too prissy to even step out in the rain!

How awful to hear about the accident you saw. I feel the same way when I see tragic things like that happen. It is just so sad and sticks with you.

Taos Sunflower said...

Liz: One of our dogs still thinks it's just tragic to have to put his big ole feet down in the snow...he's such a (100 lb.) sissy! Our girl dogs just love it, it's like it brings them a new energy.