Monday, April 11, 2011

Getting back in the groove

It's Monday morning, and after a few days of seriously hibernating, I've decided that today is the day I must restart this great life I have. If I've learned nothing else these last months, I've once again been reminded that each day we have truly is a gift and not to be wasted in any way.

Last week, before things went down the dark tunnel with Meika, I was able to get out in the dye room and start dyeing some roving again. It was great fun! I have found that dyeing while listening to audio books is the perfect combination of activities. I listened to Anne Dillard's last book, The Maytrees, and happily painted Polwarth and BFL wool.

The feast of colors after the wool has been rinsed and dried is always the best part. While I know I need to start photographing and reopen my little Etsy shop, I couldn't pass up the chance to pick a couple of 4 oz. hanks of BFL and see what they'd look like spun up. The one on the bobbin wasn't quite as bright as the photograph (blurry, sorry) of the one I haven't spun yet. Because I'm spinning it so fine, the second one will most likely mute out quite a bit, as well. It's great to be back at the wheel after all these months; spinning is truly one of my favorite things to do.


Courtney said...

I love your spinning! I'm a spinner too. I was just reading your recent've been through so much this prayers and blessings are with you! I look forward to following your blog...fellow spinner...I'll check out your Etsy shop as well. (I need to create my own shop soon, yarn is piling up!)

Orange Sink said...

Hi Martie,
Luscious colors and your spinning is wonderful! I'm glad to see you back at the joys of creating. Anne Dillard is one of my Hubby's favorite authors. I do enjoy her writings also.
Thanks for the visit to my silly blog post's today......... It comes out of the deep recesses and sometimes brings me out of a funk!
Happy spinning!
Cathy G

Anonymous said...

Hi Martie! It's good to see your tools and have a better idea of what you are doing. And, yes, we get back on the horse and continue the ride.

(Jack of Sage to Meadow)

RuthieJ said...

Oh Martie, after all you've been through this winter I can surely understand how hard it must be to get restarted. I'm glad you have taken that first step with beautiful fiber therapy. Sending you a hug from Minnesota!