Saturday, May 14, 2011

Catching up

These last weeks have been hard and wonderful at the same time. I am still having a difficult time letting myself think about our recent losses, yet I've found peace here in these mountains to help gather my thoughts for life, going forward. Whereas last fall I was conflicted about wanting to leave the grand kids and come back to Taos, I believe I have now found myself embracing the balance of both worlds. On Wednesday, I'll return to San Diego for approximately six weeks. So many changes in the kids since I was last grandson starts kindergarten in a few months, and my granddaughter is now laughing and rolling over. I can barely wait to get some hugs, laughs, and kisses.

One of the things I really missed being in California last year was my rug hooking. Because of this, I'm taking a pattern, wool, and portable frame to set up to hook out there as well. Here I hook on a very large quilting frame, which I purposely wanted for larger pieces. There I can do smaller pieces. Along with getting back to my quilting, my trip back there next week holds the promise of starting a new mat. If there's anything I'm great at, it's starting new projects (please do not ask how many get finished).

After finishing the lotus mat, I decided I didn't want to wait until I had some big creative idea for a next I decided to hook a pattern from Rug Hooking Magazine, one they gave as a freebie, a design from the La Rancherita project in Mexico. I haven't been hooking long enough to feel confident in my colors, so it's somewhat of an easy project because it calls for bright colors and in the spirit of the La Rancherita rugs, just about anything goes...purple pigs, pink chickens, you name it. Now, to let myself be free enough to enjoy this fun.


Courtney said...

Enjoy your trip and the time with those beautiful grandkids.

Orange Sink said...

They are precious! Hold on to the moments you can spend with them( I know you do!)
I'm lovin' your rooster rug! The La Rancherita's are very inspirational and the color combinations are wonderful!
Safe travels!
Cathy G

island sweet said...

what parallel lives we are living martie at opposite ends of the continenet. xxx

Kim said...

I hope you have fun and build lots of happy memories with those sweet grandchildren.
You have been going wild with color in your rugs lately. I am loving it. Anxious to see the completed rooster. Fun!

Taos Sunflower said...

THanks, everyone. Having grandkids is better than they said it would be.

Yes, Shawn...I think of you so very, very often...