Monday, December 19, 2011

San Francisco

It was a beautiful week in the city.  I did make it to Britex, along with my step daughter Jamie, and we had a good time picking out some fun trims and petting fabric.  Fortunately (or not) this is not a place to look for quilting fabrics, so the impact on the credit card was minimal.

While I spent most of the week in the hotel catching up on sleep, we did do a little walking around the area.  I was just blown away by the beautiful window displays, my favorites being the sewing machines at All Saints and the origami horses at Hermes.

The city is just so alive!  I had forgotten this, living in my two (relatively) quiet cocoons here in Encinitas and then in northern NM.  I think cities may be more fun when you're young and vibrant and the energy in the air is almost palpable, or different, in any event.  It was fun to see young people and their fun hair cuts and fashions.  It brought back so many memories from my twenties and thirties when I spent so much time up there.  We laughed to think we are actually happy these days to have dinner behind us and be back in our room by early evening, about the time we would have been heading out in the old days.  It's all good.  I'm content to enjoy the memories of those days and maybe, just maybe, enjoy these days even more.

And now it's time to wrap up my visit here in Encinitas and prepare to head back to NM on Wednesday.  I hear we're getting another storm there today, so it seems we'll definitely have a white Christmas...yay!


Orange Sink said...

Who is the good looking gentleman standing in front of Old Saints?
Glad you had a relaxing time and could take in the sights and sounds of the city!
It's hard to believe there is snow everywhere but here in Northern WI! That's OK with me!!
Merry Christmas!
Cathy G

Taos Sunflower said...

Why, it's Mr. Sunflower!!! :0)
Wondering if the blizzard that hit Eastern NM is headed your way today...?

Orange Sink said...

I kind of figured it had to be him! Handsome dude!
Nope, not a flake of snow anywhere near here! It's mild but I still think it's cold.....30 degrees and sunny today!
Cathy G

Kim said...

I hope you are not travelling in a storm. We are still green, which is not too common for Christmas in NS. There is still time.
Merry Christmas!!

Taos Sunflower said...

Kim: Looks like the storm went to the eastern slopes and missed our place. We should be OK tomorrow, but if we land and it looks precarious, we'll check into a hotel near the airport. Better safe than sorry...and NM roads are dangerous enough without bad weather.
Unusual for you to be green at Christmas? I just read how my friend Shawn in Cornerbrook NF just had a big storm and freezing temps hit them. Fickle weather!!