Monday, May 7, 2012

A special weekend

Yesterday was a big day around here.  It was the first pick of our rhubarb plants that Ani has been nurturing the last two years, to make a home made rhubarb pie to celebrate Roger's birthday (the way to a man's heart, and all that).  The pie was actually our dinner, after chowing down on lots of hearty NM food for lunch.  I was hoping I wouldn't like the pie so much, but unfortunately, I liked it so much I could have probably eaten way more than I did and been miserable all night.  I am not a fan of cooking or baking, thank heavens, or I'd weigh three times what I already weigh; but having said that, I think there will be another fresh picked pie sooner than later.  YUM.

Forgot to show you these the other day: a set of four place mats I made before leaving San Diego, and some trivet pads with the scraps from those.  I had a good time making them and they successfully kept me from doing other, more important things.  I am, after all, The Princess of Procrastination.

I don't know how it turned out for you, wherever you are, but we hauled ourselves outside at the prescribed time on Saturday evening, hoping to see the giant moon the news had been promising. looked just like any other moon from here.  Now I hear it will be 2029, or something like that, before this auspicious occasion occurs again.  Hope I get a better shot at it next time.  Or actually, I'll just be happy to be alive then.  Screw the moon.


Robyn said...

Oh Martie! You made me laugh out loud.... "screw the moon" hahaha

Too bad Ani missed the great pie but I am sure she is happy about it wherever she is. And, more for you and Roger...hahaha

sallyrae said...

Yum! One of my favorites and I love to bake 'em. Save me some!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

LOL Screw the Moon. Now that is too darn funny honey.
I am like you did not notice anything special I thought maybe I was looking at the wrong night.
This pie makes me want to bake something. I have never had rhubarb pie but I know it is so popular so it must be good.
Have been a bad friend coming by and keeping up with you.
I sometimes wonder if I should still be blogging as bad as I am these days.
Hope all is well and you have a beautiful week.

Jamie Valle said...

I, too, was unimpressed with SuperMoon(TM). :) We were at Disneyland, though, so there were some other things to look at.


Orange Sink said...

Oh Martie...... LOL! We've had clouds and rain the last few days so was feeling bad about not being able to see the super moon..... ( You've put it all in perspective... LOL!
That rhubarb pie looks better than the moon any ol' day and I bet it was fabulous!
I love your place mats! So cheery!
I will email you soon...... been making some changes around here and I'm exhausted!!

MyMixMix said...

I LUV the placemats and the pie. Did you have vanilla ice cream a la mode? Happy Birthday to Roger.

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Funny, I just left another blog that was blogging about rhubarb! Your pie looks yummy! But, those place mats are wonderful! I just planted my first rhubarb plant for this house. Pie is in my future!

Purple Pam said...

The moom in the California Bay Area was huge. It looked so close I wanted to reach out and touch it!