Saturday, March 2, 2013

I'm still here...

It has been a long time since I've posted.  I can blame it on my busy life, but all bloggers are busy people or they wouldn't have anything to blog about.  I can blame it on laziness, hibernation, and lack of interest, and these would all be a bit true.  Most of all, I think, I feel like it's time to take this blog in another direction.  I'm just not sure what it is right now.

Since fall, I have knitted a lot of donation hats, read a few books, done lots of quilting, started a new crocheted rug, and worked on an embroidery project.  Back in October, I was fortunate enough to take a quilt class with Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably, and it was just an amazing experience.  Two very different, incredibly talented, men who share and inspire and teach in the most positive of ways.  Everyone came away a winner that criticisms in that class.

Life has been quiet here in the mountains of northern NM this past week.  A small amount of snow, sunny days, and (alas) what appears to be the winds of spring starting their nastiness.  A few days ago, Ani harvested these tomatoes from the indoor garden and I cooked them into sauce.  Our friend Buddha is waiting patiently for the flowers in his garden to return.  Actually, I think we all are.

So...I'll be back soon.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!


Kim said...

Hi Martie,
Nice to see a post. I think winter has been too long for a lot of us. Like Buddha, I'm waiting for spring to burst forth. Soon!

Robyn said...

Always lovely to see a post from you, Martie! I look forward to more whenever you decide to do it again. XOXO

Linda Huesca Tully said...

Martie, so good to see you're back! Don't worry about which direction to take. Just write, and the rest will follow.

Spring is just around the corner!

Sara said...

mmmmmm....those tomatoes look wonderful!!

Ter'e said...

Linda is a smart woman. I love what she said.
I peek in, every so often, as I miss your spirit!!!!! And your websmile!!!!!
We'll all be here when the writing bug hits you or spring arrives. Whichever is first.
Hugs girlfriend,

shelly hancock said...

Hello Martie! Its good to hear from you.


Ter'e said...

What is the name of your dear friend that has a yarn site on ETSY? I "need" some "odd" pieces of fiber and know she will have just the right bundle for me. I am embarrassed that I have forgotten her name.

Gosh I miss your posts and your "word". You are always such a joy to follow.

Love and hugs,

OPQuilt said...

I'm completely impressed with that bowl of tomatoes from your "indoor" garden. You must have a gift, as all we grow around here are the "$35 tomatoes"--you the kind where you invest in all the plants, soil amendments and such and get three tomatoes for your efforts.

My mother, in Utah, says the snow is disappearing from everywhere, so I hope the same for you, too.

Elizabeth E.