Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Off to Camp

Thundershowers_4 I'm posting this and heading home to pack for camp.  I was thinking of taking a photo of the mess that has overtaken my knitting and spinning room, but I decided even I am too embarrassed to let you see it.  Picture:  yarn strewn everywhere, UFOs cascading off the table, spinning wheels everywhere (three at this count) and the floor partially eclipsed by piles of dyed rovings.  That's enough for now...we all have our tale of woe when it comes to organization (or perhaps you're organized?  Let's hear a round of applause for you!).

The most glorious thing happened yesterday afternoon:  we got rain!  I was so excited, I went out to take a picture to show you.  Lightning and rain entertained us happily for a couple of hours.  We'll need more than we can dream of to pull out of the drought, but it was a happy start.    Martie

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