Sunday, June 4, 2006

Snug Buggy

Last week I received a message from Celeste Nossiter, a member of the Dropped Stitch Knitters Guild in Albquerque.  She and some other guild members have taken an idea, gleaned from projects around the country, and are doing a fund raising project called Snug Buggy.  Proceeds will benefit the S.A.F.E. House in Albuquerque, which is New Mexico's largest shelter and service provider for survivors of domestic violence, serving more than 1,600 men, women and children each year.

The plan: participants are asked to create a 5-6" square that must be made in some shade of purple.  It may be knitted, tatted, crocheted, sewn, embroidered, quilted, or created by any other means of fiber art or craft.  These pieces will then be assembled by the guild to form a cover for a VW bug, which will be displayed at the Albquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta in May 2007 (the volkswagen to be generously loaned by a local dealership for the duration of the show).

Entries must be submitted with an entry fee/donation of $5.00 per square.  All entries must be received by February 1, 2007 to allow for assembly time.  For information about paying your fee/donation and where to mail your entry, please contact Celeste Nossiter

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