Sunday, December 3, 2006

Holiday season

Img_0096_2 Needless to say, it has been too long between postings.  It's just that time of year.  I tried to post from home last week during the storm, but my satellite was coated with so much ice I couldn't download photos to make it interesting. 

By now, our storm of last week has become a national story.  What was pretty here turned into a monster as it moved eastward.  We got about 4" of snow here at home (we're at 7,900 ft. above Arroyo Seco).  I got to indulge one of my favorite winter past times...seeing who has been out running around in the snow while we were all sleeping.  I usually only find rabbit prints, but it never ceases to be fun for me.  On Thursday morning I found these tracks from someone who had fun racing down my otherwise pristine driveway.  And P.S.:  it was -15F that morning.

Friday night brought the Festival of Trees and Wreaths sponsored by our local newspaper.  It was quite an event!  I believe there were 40+ trees and wreaths for auction, all benefiting many of the well-deserving non-profit groups here in Taos.  Last I saw, our tree had a generous bid on it by one of our customers...but not sure if she was the final recipient or not.  While it was small and humble by comparison to the many decorated with fabulous, no doubt expensive, had a quality of love to it that was unmistakable.  I took a few pictures to share with you.Img_0087 It had clear glass globes, sort of pearlescent, with paw prints painted in gold.  The piece de resistance was the little bags, knitted of yarn with a slight sparkle, embroidered 1-24 for advent.  I baked dog cookies, shaped like little bones, and one was in each pocket.  Next to the tree was a note to Santa Paws, with a container of dog cookies for him and his reindogs.  Img_0091 I have to tell you something funny...between Sat a.m. when we decorated the tree and Friday evening's auction, someone had taken half the cookies for Santa Paws.  We had a good laugh, wondering how many actually made it home to someone's dog and how many were eaten by humans who didn't get it.  At least they were probably tasty, made with cheese and bacon drippings and lots of good grains and whole wheat flour.  I am sure they were full of good fiber.  :0)Img_0090_1

What about knitting?  Well, I'll be mailing a box of scarves for the homeless to Santa Fe on Dec. 12, so I'm knitting as many scarves as I can between now and then.  We've had a number of great scarves donated already and I'm so pleased at the support we always get from all of you.  Thank you so much.  Getting to know you and share with you is one of the greatest parts of being in this business.  ---Martie

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Mickey said...

I love your decorated tree!! What a creative bunch you are; I'm sure your tree added greatly to Taos' worhtwhile projects.