Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Waiting for the storm

There is a big snow storm coming...it's just not clear it's coming to Taos.  I bolted out of bed at 5:30 this morning, flew out the front door to see a winter wonderland...only to find the same patches of snow leftover from the last snowfall, a couple of weeks ago.  The national weather service is billing this as a significant winter storm...great for those of us who are able to stay near home, not great for our holiday visitors who may be traveling this way. 

Since I reported in last, 22 scarves were shipped from our shop to the St. Elizabeth's Homeless Shelter in Santa Fe.  Thanks to those of you who so generously donated to this annual event.  There may not be much snow, but it certainly is cold...and a warm scarf will be loved by the recipient.

It's been busy at the shop the last couple of weeks.   New yarns have come in, which causes a domino effect sometimes; the last few shipments received have caused us to move and rearrange several sections of the shop.  We put some more yarns on sale...see our website SALE page for more info on these.  We've also added a sign up block on the What's New page of our website...so if you're not already, please take a minute to sign up for our e-mailing list.   

Today I hope to finish the latest version of the Lucy Bag.  This one is being knit of Brown Sheep Worsted weight in three colors.  I'm thinking about using one of the Noni patterns for knitted, felted, flowers to spruce it up a little.  I'll post a picture soon as I finish.  The Lucy bag is always fun.  While working on this one, I've been thinking this could be a great way to use up all the odds and ends of Brown Sheep yarns I have stashed...just random stripes, with no particular plan. My favorite projects always seem to be those using scraps.

A visitor from Boulder recently sent me these pictures, captured, no doubt, from somewhere on the internet.  I don't know who to credit them to, or in what context they were published, but thought it would be fun to share them with you.Motorcycle_cozy
If any of you knows something about these, please let me know.The picture of the knitted cover on the tank makes me think of the Snug Buggy


Project in Albquerque.  Please refer to our archives for more information on that project...wherein small squares are to be assembled


to make a cover for a Volkswagen and subsequently auctioned off to benefit a women's shelter in the Albuquerque area.


Our Sunflower Bennie is now back...she was gone for a few weeks, after suffering the unexpected loss of her father.    The pain of her loss affected all of us in a way I don't have words to explain.  It is not my story to tell, but to say it is great to have her back with us.  --Martie

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