Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lucy in the Snow with Diamonds

Well, she doesn't really have diamonds, but the little snow crystals that clung to her wool were beautiful as I was taking her pictures this morning.Img_0128
She's rather on the petite side...I have the water heater turned up to scalding to wash fleeces and I think it may have caused her to felt smaller and faster than I had planned. She stands 9" high and is approximately the same in diameter.  A sweet size if you're not planning to drag all your projects with you.  I abandoned the plan for the knitted/felted flowers and vine...I decided they'd be too much for her small stature to carry.

The storm finally came, and we got close to a foot of snow here at home.  I haven't seen such a snowfall in years.  Today truly does feel like the first day of winter!

I'll close with a photo of my one and only holiday decoration here at home.  The Sunflowers and I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season...and happy knitting!  ---MartieImg_0129


Kristine said...

Happy Holidays to you Martie! We'll see you in the New Year!

Kay in Dallas said...

So what is the pattern for the little round tote. I love it!
Kay in Dallas