Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A knit in for Lily

This past Sunday, a group of loving friends came together at the shop to honor their friend, Lily Kincade.  Lily, a long time resident and important part of administration at the Taos Ski Valley, passed away in March, after undergoing treatments all winter for a brain tumor.  Library0001

I didn't have the good fortune to claim to be her friend, although she (often accompanied by her adoring husband, Dick) was one of our local customers.  Only after her passing did I learn that she was an accomplished quilter and beadworker...among many other hobbies.  It makes me realize how much there is to know about each of us that so often goes unknown in the course of everyday business interactions.

Lily's good friend, Wendy, Library0005
decided Lily's stash shouldn't just end up in someone's closet...so she brought all these yarns in and everyone who came to celebrate Lily took some to knit into scarves or hats.  When finished, these will be donated to the local hospice in Lily's memory.  It was so joyful for me to have them all happily knitting out on our porch.  Library0006
Lily would have been proud.  Dick came by and I told him it is the mark of a true, great, friend to have so many people rally in her memory.  We should all be so lucky!

I've included some photos to share the smiles.  ---Martie

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Bonnie said...

What a beautiful idea!