Monday, May 21, 2007

When trouble comes to town

Last weekend, my friend Bobbie, accompanied by her quilting buddy, Bonnie, came to Taos.  You may recall me mentioning Bobbie in previous posts...she's the one who makes me buy fabric and sewing machines.  If you don't have anyone to blame for your collecting habits, I offer her as your excuse, too.  It started out when we worked together in San Diego years ago, and despite the 14 years and 1,000 miles between us, I still rely on this to help assuage my guilt when I find myself whipping out that Visa card.  You need to know here that along with yarns, fleeces, spinning wheels, and books...I also have a hefty collection of fat quarters (this will mean something to quilters) despite the fact that I don't quilt.  (My other excuse:  if you don't buy these things and support your independent merchants, one day, they'll go out of business and you'll be REALLY sorry.)

After playing tourists around town and my successfully avoiding Bobbie's attempts to entice me into buying some Irish linen for dish towels, I hauled them up to my place for a day of dyeing rovings.  Lastroll13
They're not spinners, and these will most likely be used for needle felting.  Watching them dye these was lots of fun.  They haven't seen the finished products yet, because they were still in the dye pot when they left town.  I'll share them here with you. Lastroll26
Bonnie in the foreground, Bobbie in the I ask you...does this look like the face of trouble?  --Martie

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Penny said...

I'm so jealous~~I want to be there for dye day.....Did it snow again? or is that what has not melted...hugs, Penny L.